All Vape Pen Natural Oils aren’t Produced Equal

By Dr Randy Cale

All Vape Pen Natural Oils aren’t Produced Equal

An instant and simple User’s Guide to Pre-Filled Cartridges By Melinda Misuraca & Michael Hayes

Vaporizer pencils are typical the rage today. Sarah Silverman flashed one in the red carpeting (“This is my fluid pot,” she quipped). Whoopi Goldberg had written a gushy love page to hers, affectionately nicknaming it “Sippy.” Snoop Dogg has his or her own proprietary model, which comes cloaked in a map of his old longer Beach ‘hood. The Oxford English Dictionary recently crowned “vape” its term of the Year.

It would appear that every where you turn some body is drawing for a sleek, sexy, subversive wand that is little. Folks are vaping cannabis oil from the road, in restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes, also sporting events. You’re feeling like you’re getting away with something sneaky once you vape in public areas. Being fully a stoner has not been very easy.

A vape pen — or vaporizer that is“personal” because they are sometimes called — is an elegant, high technology gizmo that heats cannabis oil up to a heat simply in short supply of combustion, releasing a smokeless, lightly-scented mist free from toxic tars and carbon. There are lots of vape pen brands, nevertheless the key factor, actually, is what’s within the disposable cartridge. How potent could be the cannabis oil? Exactly just How pure? Exactly just What, if any such thing, may be the oil cut with? Exactly just How costly per milligram is the THC content? Could be the oil strain-specific or even a psychoactive blend?

O’Shaughnessy’s looked over an overall total of 19 cannabis oil samples from 13 popular cartridge brands and did a side-by-side contrast according to analytical information from SC Labs in Santa Cruz. (calculated in milligrams per milliliter of focus, the information is published on Regarding THC amounts, Pure Cure and Absolute Xtracts topped the chart at 71 per cent and 70 per cent, respectively. Neither is cut having an additive. Absolute Xtracts comes with a line of strain-specific natural oils (OG Kush, Chem Dawg, Girl Scout Cookie, etc.), while Pure Cure is presumably a combination of a few unnamed cultivars as no stress designation is suggested. Those two brands also ranked finest with regards to of bang for money with Absolute Xtracts coming in at 10 cents per milligram of THC and Pure Cure at 11 cents/mg.

Compare those true figures to O-Pen Vape Panama Sativa Red, for instance, containing only 26 % THC at price of 24 cents per milligram. Some vape pen cartridge natural oils rated even lower in regards to THC content, yet more expensive per milligram. The smallest amount of sample that is potent BD (Ebony Diamond) Vape Sour D, tested at 14 percent THC, while selling for 28 cents/mg of THC. A relatively benign solvent that sometimes causes sore throat and dry mouth although they look golden and pretty, the weaker oils are typically diluted with propylene glycol. Avoid vape pen cartridges offering ethylene glycol, a compound that is unhealthy in antifreeze.

So buyer beware: Many vape cartridge brands can be found in the unregulated cannabis market plus it’s never obvious exactly just what you’re getting. Determining between vape cartridges is significantly like selecting between a classic scotch and a flask of moonshine, though in this instance buying certainly one of most useful whiskeys for the cartridge globe might leave you with actually a few more greenbacks in your pocket.

An email on Methodology Used to Determine worth of Vape Pen Cartridges considering Potency & Pricing

Examples of vape pen cartridges had been bought in October 2014 at random dispensaries in Northern and Southern California and submitted unopened to SC labs for evaluation. Hyperlinks to all or any test outcomes posted in the SC laboratories web site are offered for verification of cannabinoid content.

All examples bought were either defined as or represented to be extracted because of the Super Fluid Critical CO2 method.

To find out rates information, two costs were obtained online for every product. Whenever available the first listings on Weedmaps were used. If the cost listings could never be available on Weedmaps, general Google queries had been done to get cost listings. The two costs discovered had been then combined to get a price that is average item.

(cost re searching had been made notably problematic because of the not enough a constant naming nomenclature from dispensary to dispensary.)

As soon as an item listing had been found, the dimensions of the vape pen cartridge had been multiplied by strength percent to determine total THC content. For example a .5ml (500mg) vape pen cartridge at 50% THC level (per SC laboratories) would include 250 mg of THC. This is certainly 50% x 500mg.

The total amount of THC per product was then divided into the typical price that is retail determine price per mg of THC. Utilizing the example above a product with 250mg of THC that sold for a typical retail cost of $50 would express A thc expense per mg of 20 cents.

Products which offer retail at under 15 cents / mg of THC had been considered as exceptional value. Products which offer retail for between 15 to 20 cents / mg had been defined as the best value. Items that offer retail for between 20 to 25 cents / mg were deemed value that is fair items that sold for over 25 cents /mg of THC were defined as bad value.

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